An Experience Members Give Rave Reviews

Remember Forever

And Look Forward to Repeating Next Year!

Guys like me work a lifetime to get members to smile, laugh and have fond memories of their Club experience.

You did it in a couple of hours.

You make life easy.

Michael Gibson

General Manager / COO, Old Marsh Golf Club

It is all my pleasure getting to know you and watch one of the MOST talented people (magicians) I have ever seen in person or on tv.

  Mike Gilmour

Food & Beverage Director, Castle Pines Golf Club

Engaged Members and Guests!

Never a dull moment!

Mike’s unique “wide” performing style ensures everyone sees plenty of magic.  Your guests can’t look away because they don’t want to miss what happens next!

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This guy isn’t just a magician,  he’s an outstanding entertainer and a fun guy.  He will amaze you in addition to sharing a fun time with you all.
AJ Scribante

American Entrepreneur, CEO, and Community Leader

The Masters Magician.

Mike Duseberg has been invited to enteratain corporate VIP guests at The Masters six nights a week every year since 2009.

Golfers love Mike, and Mike loves golf. He’s even created golf-themed magic, including an incredible prediction featuring a player’s “ideal” score and dream golf vacation.

Crowds.  Guaranteed.

Mike Duseberg creates crowds of laughing, applauding guests at your event.  Your guests will pull their friends across the room, saying “You’ve got to see this guy!”

Be the Talk of the Town!

Mike Duseberg has been mentioned, published, and praised in national magazines, social newspapers, and event industry publications.

In fact, four hours into the evening, Mike was still at it, with mesmerizing magic.  The guests simply did not want to leave!

Fast forward to today (2 weeks after that evening) my members and staff are still talking about the evening. Jim Fatsi

PGA Head Golf Professional, Brooklawn Country Club

Be Unforgettable!

Mike integrates golf into his magic to make the whole experience feel like it’s created just “for ” your members.  They feel more connected to the entertainment, which makes your event even more memorable.

Everything you did was top-notch, and we couldn’t be any happier for choosing your magic and mind-reading services to add so much value to our affair. Camelia Pitcher

Membership & Marketing Director, Trump International Golf Club

Thanks for a fantastic day. Your awareness of where to go next and your performance was exceptional. Gus Jones

General Manager, Martis Camp Club

A Safe Choice:

  • Corporate Clean Performer – Never anything rude, crude, or offensive in Mike’s repertoire.
  • Experienced:  Mike’s perfected his reliable repertoire over 4000 hours of live performance time  before business executives, celebrities, athletes and jet-setters at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.
  • Repeat Performances – Clients rebook Mike more than 90% of the time because their guests demand it!
“Your enthusiasm, professional presentation, and of course you mixing in with the people made the club look like a hero.” Joseph Birch

General Manager, Adios Golf Club

Every event is a unique opportunity to engage and entertain your players.

Mike Duseberg listens to your event goals, creates a customized plan that ensures you achieve them, and delivers an outstanding experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.